The wind and sailing conditions in the Ionian Sea are ideal and predictable. From May to September the wind blows from North-West at Force 2-5 arriving around noon, and calming down before sunset. In the morning it is also noticed that a light Easterly wind may blow at a force of 1-2. During the months of July and August, the above said winds can blow a little stronger than usual. The weather conditions in the area are extremely favorable for a relaxing and trouble-free sailing turning the area to a highly recommended place for family and smooth sailing in July and August - a time that winds in other regions in Greece are strong and sometimes uncomfortable.

The Ionian Islands located on the western side of mainland Greece, are seven main islands (in Greek Eptanissa - seven islands) that distinguish from many of the Greek islands by their fertile land (blanketed with olive groves and cypress trees sustained by the winter rains) and clear blue waters. The mixture of different civilizations and cultures is harmoniously welded together into one piece that is undoubtedly Greek, in a complex of islands where the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean can be explored.

An ideal starting point for your cruise is our base in Gouvia Marina, about 15 minutes from Corfu International Airport.

Below there is information & a few statistics for the climate, winds (direction and force) as well as air and sea temperature, rainfall and sunshine hours per day in the Ionian islands in Greece.

Of course sailing yachts are fine, but sailing / charter a catamaran in Corfu, Lefkas, Ionian islands is the best place for yacht holidays on a multi-hull.