Epirus & Mainland Approaches (west of and around CORFU - all north of Lefkas)

PARGA is a small picturesque town with about 2000 inhabitants on the seashore of the mainland. It has traditional houses and narrow streets, Parga will give the impression of an island. On the top of the hill, hidden in green scenery, you can visit the old Venetian fortress. The narrow village streets have plenty of good local tavernas, shops, lively little bars and a couple of night clubs. The beaches of Parga are not only numerous but also very beautiful.You can start from the beach which is in the centre of Parga (Krioneri Beach) and then visit Valtos beach (one of the best in Greece), Ai Sostis, Beretiniko, Lichnos, Ai Giannakis (a busy water sports centre) and Sarachinico. There are also ideal remote beaches along the coastline of Parga accessible only by boat, In Parga you can find fuel and water supply.

PREVEZA is a small port on the mainland that offers excellent nightlife, good food and a gateway to natural beauty and rich history. While you are there visit the ancient sites of Kassopi, Nikopolis and Necromanteion (believed to be the gateway to the Underworld to Hades). Also, take a tour to the Amvrakian wetlands (the formation of a rare ecosystem of water -and salt loving vegetation as well as with its great diversity of birds and animals). Preveza also offers some nice beaches such as Kiani Akti, Alonaki, Agii Apostoli, Panto-kratoras, Kalamitsi, Mitikas and Mono-lithi. Before you leave Preveza, don't forget to try the traditional food and fresh fish from the several excellent tavernas inside the town. Don't miss the local delicacies either! More information you can find on perfecture's site.

IGOUMENITSA is the capital of Thesprotia and one of Greece's most important ports with approximately 8.000 inhabitants. It has two wide and very impressive beaches, Drepano and Makrigialos with their hospitable resorts, plentiful sun and sea attract thousands of tourists, sports aficionados and adventurers all year round. Igoumenitsa is a modern city with a big variety of restaurants, cafes and shops. You can visit the medieval tower of Ragios which provides panoramic view over Drepano beach, the ruins of the Turkish castle and Prasoudi islet. In Igoumenitsa you can easily find a place to moor as well as water and fuel supply.

SAGIADA is a small village on the seaside famous for its fish taverns and its sunset. Worth a visit!

MYTIKAS, a seaside village with modern houses and hotels and a small port for fishing boats. You can visit the Lighthouse south of Mytikas and the Nikopolis Club hotel's water park. You can also go swimming in the beautiful beach of Monolithi.

VONITSA is a town with approximately 3.800 inhabitants in the entrance of Amvrakikos Gulf with lots of rocky and sandy beaches, densely-wooded mountain peaks, lakes and rivers, historical places and monuments. The town was built in the grounds of an ancient palace that was ruined during the siege of the Roman emperor Octaviou August. While in Vonitsa, you can visit the archaeological music in Thirios village (Tel. 26430 71209), the ruins of the Medieval Castle on the top of the mountain, and Lake Voulkaria where it is said that in the bottom of the lake an ancient city lies. Also, the area is called Cleopatras's passage as the great Egyptian Queen Cleopatra is said to have passed with her fleet to join the sea battle between Octavios and Mark Anthony. You can swim in the beaches of Sotira and Panagia.

AMFILOCHIA was first called Karvasaras and then took the name Amfilochia from its colonists. In this beautiful town, you can visit many archaeological sites such as the fortress at the top of hill, where the ruins of ancient city Limnaia still remain. For swimming, make sure you visit the beach of Ag. Giorgis and Bouka.