Kefalonia Island

Kefalonia is part of the group of islands formed by the Ionian Islands and is the largest one. It has been justly called the island of contrasts: Roman, Venetian and Byzantine ruins, side by side with famous beaches. Because of its innumerable beauties and charms and because it has everything to offer to every visitor, even the most demanding one, Kefalonia is one of the most popular of the Ionian Islands.
The beaches to the south are among the best of the island. At Argostoli the famous nearby beaches are Makris and Platis Gialos. The area of Katelios in the southeast of the island has two outstanding beaches, one near the seaside hamlet of Katelio and the other at Skala. On the east side of the island are Poros, Sami and Agia Efimia with its pebbled beaches. On the west side, you can find the amazing beach of Myrtos, Assos, Petani and Atheras. Other beaches to visit: Ag. Barbara, Ag. Eleni, Ag. Ierousalim, Ag. Ioannis, Ag. Kyriaki, Ag. Paraskevi, Ag. Sofia, Ag. Spyridonas, Ag. Thomas, Agriosyko, Ai Chelis, Alaties, Ammes, Antisamos, Emplisi, Evreti, Foki, Gagiana, Gorgotha, Kakoglykos, Kako Lagkadi, Kalo Limani, Kamini, Kaminia, Kapsolimnionas, Karavomylos, Koroni, Koumari, Kounopetra, Lagkadakia, Lassi, Lazarou, Lefka, Lepeda, Limenia, Limnioni, Lithos, Livadi, Lourdas, Lygia, Megas Lakkos, Minia, Mouda, Nisi, Paradeisi, Platya Ammos, Potamakia, Ragia, Sisia, Skinos, Sotira, Trapezaki, Vatses, Vouti, Xi, and Xylomata

The MOORING place for charter yachts: in Ag. Kyriaki, Assos, Fiscardo, Atheras and Pessada Bay. MORE

IMPORTANT FACILITIES for YACHTS AND BOATS ON CHARTER in Kefalonia Island (Necessary needs and infrastructure for yachtsmen or generally for anyone who is on sailing vacation / yachting holidays onboard a sailing yacht or a motor boat).

The best SHELTER POINTS in Kefalonia Island are

HAZARDS and NAVIGATION ADVICE for Kefalonia Island and nearby area.

WATER SPORTS in Kefalonia Island
Kefalonia is a haven for water sports enthusiasts. Water sports such as para-sailing, jet skiing, bananas, ringos and more operate from the larger more commercialised beaches of Skala, Lassi and Lixouri. At Skala you can also enjoy skiing at Dolphin Ski Club (Tel. 26710 83066).

SCUBA DIVING in Kefalonia Island
There are several scuba diving schools that welcome divers of every certification level in the island. Courses are offered for everyone from beginners to advanced divers. These are: Glass Bottom Diving Center (E -mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) at Argostoli, Bubbles Diving Center (Tel. 26710 83311) at Skala and Aquatic World Diving School (Tel. 26740 62006) at Aghia Efimia.

RENT A CAR / BIKE in Kefalonia Island (main town and port)
KEFALONIA Tel.: +30 26710 27314, Tel: +30 26710 41725, +30 698 6649234,
GREEKSTONES Tel. +30 26710 42201,
CBR Tel. +30 26710 22770,

HISTORY Information for Kefalonia Island
Kefalonia was one of the first places in Greece to be inhabited, as shown by various findings in Fiskardo and tools dating back to 50,000 BC. According to the Greek Mythology, the island got its name from Kefalos, its first King, who divided it into four cities which took their names from his four sons: Pali, Krani, Sami and Proni. At a time when trade was in its infancy, Kefalonia was the breadbasket of the other Ionian Islands. It produced olive oil, wine and fruit and due to its vast forests, it also provided plenty of timber to build ships and develop trade. As all other Greek islands, Kefalonia fell under many rulers, like the Romans, the Normans, the Franks, the Venetians, the French and the British. In 1941 it was also Hitler who united his forces with those of the Italians and dominated the island. The story is described in the famous book (that became a movie) ?Captain Corelli?s Mandolin?, written by Louis de Bernieres. The influence of the European conquerors on the life and habits of Kefalonians resulted in a particular way of shaping their speech, attire, education and art. Nowadays, local dances and songs have acquired their own character and are accompanied by violins, guitars or mandolins.

MUSEUMS AND other interesting SITES in Kefalonia Island
Just for starters, don't miss the castle at Assos, a typical masterpiece of the Renaissance that offers great views. Also, you should visit the Archaeological Museum of Argostoli (Tel. 26710 28300) which is the caretaker of the island?s ancient history, the Historical and Folklore Museum (Tel. 26710 28835) and the Venetian Castle of Agios Georgios. Also,you should definitely visit the caves of Melissani and Drogarati, in the middle of the east coast of Cefalonia, near Sami, two of the most interesting sightseeing attractions of Cefalonia and among the most important caves in the whole of Greece.

LOCAL THINGS & STUFF to check or BUY in Kefalonia Island
Even if Kefalonia is a big island, its shops are not very varied and mostly propose local products and jewels. Most of the shops of the island are located in Argostoli. Also, as the island of Kefalonia is very fertile, it offers a variety of excellent agricultural products such as cheese, olives and wines which are some the island?s specialities. During your visit in Kefalonia, you can buy honey, pralines (mandoles), white wine ("Robola") and Quince paste. Your friends back home will love it!