Lefkas Island

Separated from the mainland by a small canal, Lefkada is an exceptionally beautiful island.
Lefkas town marina, Lygia, Nikiana, Perigiali, Nidri, Sivota and Vassiliki are some of the nice places for yacht charter in Lefkas Greece. 

Lefkas or so called Lefkad Island possesses some of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches in Greece. We advise you to visit Gyra Beach, opposite the castle at the town of Lefkada and the amazing beaches around the settlement of Nidri. The long, sandy beaches of Agios Nikitas, Pefkoulia and Kathisma are also extremely beautiful. Other stunning beaches on the West coast , best when no winds blow strong, are Egremnoi Bay Beach, Porto Katsiki Beach with clear azure waters, sandy Dessimi Beach and the beaches of Lygia, Poros and Nikiana. Other beaches you can visit are: Afteli, Agiofili, Ag. Ioannis, Ag. Mavra, Ammousa, Avali, Desimo, Gyalos, Gyalou Skala, Kaminia, Kavalikeuta, Megali Petra, Mikros Gyalos, Mylos, Sivota, Vassiliki

The MOORING place for charter yachts: in Vlychos Bay, Rouda Bay (Mikros Gyalos Beach) and Dessimo Bay (Dessomi Bay).

IMPORTANT FACILITIES for CHARTER YACHTS AND BOATS in Lefkas Island (Necessary needs and infrastructure for yachtsmen or generally for anyone who is on sailing vacation / yachting holidays onboard a sailing yacht or a motor boat).

The best SHELTER POINTS in Lefkas Island are

HAZARDS and NAVIGATION ADVICE for Lefkas Island and nearby area

WATER SPORTS in Lefkas Island
Lefkada is world-known to windsurfers and kite-surfers. The two famous beaches where hundreds of windsurfers and kite-surfers gather are Agios Ioannis ( and Vassiliki beach (a Mecca for windsurfers, You can also find snorkeling in Nidri Marina (

SCUBA DIVING in Lefkas Island
There is a good diving center in Vassiliki village for those who love scuba diving and another one in Nidri. For more information, you may ask for Goerge who is the manager of Nautilus diving club in Vassiliki village or visit their website

RENT A CAR / BIKE in Lefkas Island (main town and port)

EUROPCAR Tel.: +30 26450 23581,
BUDGET Tel. +30 26450 25274

HISTORY Information for Lefkas Island
The name Lefkas (White Island) derives from the creamy-white cliffs and magnificent beaches of coarse white sand and pebble that characterise the southern part of the island. According to mythology, Sappho, the Lyric poetess, could not endure the torture of her love for Phaon after he rejected her and fell from the rocks of Kavos. It is also believed that Lefkas was the home of Odysseus in the Greek epic poem Odyssey as claimed by archaeologist Wilhelm Dorpfeld.
It is said that once upon a time Lefkas was united with mainland Greece and that its first inhabitants for defensive reasons transformed it into an island. The huge bridge that linked the island to the mainland was a very impressive structure; 500 paces long and 125 paces wide. Due to the strategical position of the island, Lefkada was victim of many pirate attacks and conquerors. Some of its occupants were the Macedonians, the Romans, the Franks, the Turks, the French, the Venetians and the British. During Venetian domination, the economy prospered with the development of trade and navigation, after the severe oppressions applied over the inhabitants by the Turks. New freedoms came with the British domination including the right to vote, new roads and bridges, new schools and new anti-seismic building regulations to protect the islanders from a series of serious earthquakes that hit Lefkas during that period. Also, the Greek language became official. For the duration of the English rule and Protection, Lefkada, together with the other islands of the Ionians, offered support to the rest of Greece which was still under the Turkish domination. It was united with the rest of Greece in 1864 together with the rest of the Ionian Islands. World War II saw the occupation of both Italian soldiers and Nazi's during which the islanders suffered great brutality and physical hardships at the hands of the Nazi occupiers. The tourist industry flourished on the island at the beginning of the 1980's, however, the impact of tourism is minimal and the island remains unspoilt by it.

MUSEUMS AND other interesting SITES in Lefkas Island
In this beautiful island and especially in town you will find the most important sightseeing such as the ruins of the ancient town of Lefkada, the impressive Venetian castle of Santa Mavra next to the artificial canal and the famous Boschetto Park, which includes a collection of busts of renowned poets and other artists of Lefkada. In addition, we suggest you pay a visit to the lovely churches and monasteries, the old houses and villas, the Archaeological museum (Tel. 26450-21635), the Folklore museum and the Museum of Gramophones. You can wander in and out of the alleys with no fear of getting lost as they all eventually lead back to the main square. Make sure you also visit Sivota, a small settlement with an anchorage, built on a fjord, which is ideal if you have a boat.

LOCAL THINGS & STUFF to check or BUY in Lefkas Island
Lefkada has an impressive variety of goods to offer shoppers, from top designer labels and exquisite jewellery to fine antiques and high quality leather goods. Good purchases are embroidery and lace (especially from the mountain village of Karia, where they are produced), olive oil and wine. Don't forget to taste the local specialties salami (spicy local recipee great to have along with white wine), ladopita, mandolato, and if you get lucky avgotaracho and lentils from Englouvi! And we definitely recommend eating at Geni, for good food and great views.