Corfu Island

Corfu was not given the name of the Emerald Island for no reason. The greenest of all the Greek islands, Corfu's natural beauty is hidden under a cloak of emerald green, with a mountainous skyline plunging into the bluest of blue waters. Elegant architecture, sun blessed beaches, enchanting nightlife and fine cuisine all play their part in attracting visitors from all over the world. With a welcome as warm as the sun, the renowned reputation the Greeks possess for their unique and instinctive hospitality makes any visitor feel more than at home. The island has something to offer to everyone. Corfu Town itself is a contrasting combination of old and new existing side by side in perfect harmony.
Some of the beaches worth checking are Agni bay, Ag. Gordios, Ag. Stefanos, Avlaki, Barbati, Ermones, Garitsa, Mirtiotissa, Perama and Palaiokastritsa. Other beaches are Ai Gordis, Aharavi, Ag. Georgios, Ag. Ioannis,Ag. Spyridonas, Almyros, Arillas, Barbati, Benitses, Dassia, Faliraki, Gardenos, Gefyra, Gialiskari, Glyfada, Gyalos, Halikounas, Ipsos, Issos, Kalamaki, Kalami, Kanoula, Kanouli, Kassiopi, Kentroma, Kerasia, Kontos Gialos, Limnes, Loggas, Marathia, Marta, Mesoggi, Mikro Nisi, Moraitika, Nisaki, Prasoudi, Pyrgi, Roda, Seki, Sidari, Skala, Tsaki and Xouxoulio.

The MOORING place for charter yachts: in Agni Bay, Kouloura, Kalami, Kerasia, Ag. Stefanos, Ag. Georgios, Palaiokastritsa, Petriti and Benitses.

IMPORTANT FACILITIES for CHARTER YACHTS AND BOATS in Corfu Island (Necessary needs and infrastructure for yachtsmen or generally for anyone who is on sailing vacation / yachting holidays onboard a sailing yacht or a motor boat).







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The best SHELTER POINTS in Corfu Island are Ag. Stefanos, Kouloura, Kalami, Kassiopi, Garitsa,

HAZARDS NAVIGATION ADVICE for Corfu Island and nearby area
The south entrance of Gouvia marina needs extra care as it is obstructed by a shallow mud bank.

WATER SPORTS in Corfu Island
Corfu is the ideal resort for sports, due to its mild climate. Most beaches have water sports stands on the beaches that provide visitors with endless hours of fun with activities such as water skiing, pedaloes, paragliding, banana rides, ring boats, jet skiing etc. Safety measures are strictly observed and regularly checked and the professionals take their job seriously, so do not be concerned - water sports in Corfu are both safe and enjoyable

SCUBA DIVING in Corfu Island
Corfu's coast is perfect for scuba diving, with its coves and bays, sea life and rocky formations under the surface. During the summer time, the waters are warm and ideal for this sport. Visitors can take underwater pictures and film videos or harpoon fish. If you are not an experienced diver, Corfu has many diving schools where you can take diving courses with trained professionals. These are Corfu Diving Center (in Paleokastritsa beach, Tel. 26630 41604), Ionian Divers (in Dassia beach, Tel. 26610 90320) and Nautilus Diving (in Moraitika beach, Tel. 26620 76684). Corfu's fantastic underwater landscape will not disappoint you. If you hold a diver's certificate you must know that Corfu is one of the few places in Greece where scuba diving is permitted without restriction

RENT A CAR / BIKE in Corfu Island (main town and port)
HERTZ Tel.: +30 26610 38388,
AVIS Tel.: +30 26610 24404
SIXT Tel. +30 26610 81287,
EUROPCAR Tel.: +30 26610 46931, 21348

HISTORY Information for Corfu Island
Corcyra in the Doric dialect is the daughter of the Aisopos River. It is said in Greek Mythology that the sea-god, Poseidon, fell in love with her, abducted her, and brought her to this island, giving it her name.
According to archaeological findings found in Sidari, Corfu was not always an island, but with the melting of the ice, the level of the sea rose and separation from the mainland occurred.
The town of the island, that was already the capital, was trading with all the towns of the Adriatic Sea, becoming an important commercial center, a strong naval power, and an important colonial town. During the years, Corfu was attacked and conquered by Spartans, Romans, Russians, French and British and suffered a lot by frequent pirate raids. However, from all its conquerors, the character of the island was mostly determined by the Venetians (their domination lasted from 1386 to 1797). Not only were commerce and agriculture at their peak, but intellectual and artistic life also flourished during these years. While the rest of Greece was under Ottoman occupation, the protected Corfiots spoke Italian and enjoyed a flowering of literature and the arts. Corfu and the Ionian Islands were united with Greece in 1864 by a decision of the Ionian Parliament and the consent of the British Government. During the 20th century, Corfu participated, with the rest of Greece, to the two World Wars and suffered great damages. Since then, Corfu has worked on developing its natural resources and tourism, becoming one of Greece's most prosperous islands and most popular tourism destinations.

MUSEUMS AND other interesting SITES in Corfu Island
Corfu Island offers a big variety of museums and sites that are worth checking out. Some of these are the Archaeological Museum (Tel. 26610 30680), the Museum of Oriental Art (Tel. 26610 30443) in the English Palace of St. Michael and St. George; the Town Hall, a superb example of Venetian architecture built in 1663, the church of Corfu?s patron Saint Spyridon built in 1596 with its valuable icons and collection of gold and silver offerings, the Old Fortress (wonderful views of Corfu Town and across to the mainland, so don't forget your camera), the New Fortress (which is considered a masterpiece of fortress architecture), the Achilleion (Tel. 26610 56210, built by the family of Laurence Durrell, Queen Elizabeth, also known as Sissy, of Austro-Hungary in 1890), the Palace of Mon Repos (or Paleopolis the ancient capital of Corfu, Tel. 26610 30680) and of course the Pontikonisi, a picturesque isle just off the coast of Corfu.
Make sure you wander in the streets of the town and admire the superb Italian and French buildings, Byzantine churches and flowered squares. Also, don?t miss Campielo, the oldest neighborhood of Corfu Town, and the most charming and it is a perfect setting for an afternoon stroll or a romantic dinner

LOCAL THINGS & STUFF to check or BUY in Corfu Island
Corfu is one of the richest areas in Greece. Fine examples of folk art and crafts are displayed in shops all over the island: hand-woven textiles and embroideries with intricate designs, objects of all kinds carved out of olive tree wood, silver utensils, and lovely jewelry. Before you leave Corfu, be sure to try its cuisine, with sofrito (a spicy veal dish) and pastitsada (a veal and pasta dish), Koum Kwat in the form of both a liqueur and a sweet preserve (on sale everywhere) and Mandolato, this black and white nougat is another trademark of Corfu Island.