Rhodos Island

Rhodes (Rhodos or Rodos in Greek), the largest island of the Dodecanese, is one of the greenest and sunniest islands in Greece with unique scenery, long endless beaches, rich history and very hospitable people. In other words, an ideal place for vacation. Rhodos town is located at the northern part of the island and is divided into two sections: the old and the new town. The old town is walled with well-preserved medieval buildings and streets harking back to the days of the Crusades. With its unique charm, the old town remains a crossroad for many people and civilizations through the years as in every step modern life meets history. The new town, contrary to the old one, is a Mecca of luxury resort lining the island’s picturesque Mandraki Harbour.

Rhodos has many beaches you can choose from. These are Afantou (!), Ag. Georgios, Antony Queen, Faliraki, Faraklos, Fournou, Gennadi, Glystra, Haraki, Ialyssos, Ixia, Kalathos, Kalavarda, Kallithea, Kiotari, Kremasti, Lachania, Ladiko, Lindos, Paradeisi, Pefki, Plymmiri, Prasonisi, Profitis Amos, Reni Koskinou, Rodos town, Stegna, Stroggylo, Theologos, Tragano, Tsambika, Vagia, Vlycha,

IMPORTANT FACILITIES for CHARTER YACHTS AND BOATS in Rhodos Island (Necessary needs and infrastructure for yachtsmen or generally for anyone who is on sailing vacation/yachting holidays onboard a sailing yacht or a motor boat).

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Plenty of water sports centers around the whole island. One of the most reliable with an excellent safety record is Gabriel's Water Sports in Faliraki beach where you can find water rides, pedal boats, paragliding etc. For those who enjoy skiing, you can find licensed operators on most beaches. Don’t worry if you are not experienced as they can teach you how to ski, too. Jet skis are also available for hiring in most beaches; however, they are restricted from going in the swimming areas. When you do rent one, please observe the rules and regulations as stipulated by the law and by the respect for human life. For Wind Surfing lovers, Prassonisi beach is known as "Surfer's Paradise". Faliraki, Ixia, Afandou, Tsambika Beach, Kolymbia are also popular for windsurfing. For unlimited fun for all ages, you can visit the Water Park (Tel. +30 22410 84403) advertised as the largest water park in Europe, with slides, pools, rivers and other water-related amusements. There is a bus service from Mandraki harbor to the water park. Entrance is €10-20, depending on age.

SCUBA DIVING in Rhodos Island

There are two companies for scuba diving in Rhodes. Both depart from Mandraki Harbor and they both give lessons in Kalithea Spa area. One of them is the Dive Med College (Tel: +30 22410 61115) and the other one is Water hoppers (Tel. +30 22410 38146).

RENT A CAR / BIKE in RhodosIsland (main town and port)

Rhodes is a big island with a lot to see and a car is recommended though certainly not essential.

AUTO CLUBTel.: +30 22410 52840

ORIONTel.: +30 22410 22137

SIXT Tel. +30 22410 90802

EUROPCAR Tel.: +30 22410 83105, 21348

BUDGET Tel. +30 22410 68243

HISTORY Information for Rhodos sland

With rich mythology and historical tradition, Rhodos was first inhabited during the Prehistoric era according to the findings from Ialyssos and Kamiros by the Dorians. In 408 B.C. one of the most significant facts in the history of Rhodes was the founding of the city of Rhodes (which took its name from the island) and was accomplished by uniting the three major cities of the island - Ialyssos, Kamiros, and Lindos- into one. The three centuries that followed were the golden age of Rhodos. Sea trade, shipbuilding, and art flourished. Another landmark in the history of Rhodes was the construction of the Colossus (one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World), a work made by the Lyndian sculptor Haris. For years, the statue, representing their sun god Helios, stood at the harbor entrance, until a strong earthquake hit Rhodos in 155 BC. The city was badly damaged, the Colossus was demolished and the decline of Rhodos begun. The following years, Rhodos suffered from various conquerors like the Persians, the Arabs, the Saracens and the Seljuks until 1309 when the Order of the Knights settled on the island. During the Knights era, the island grew economically, artistically and spiritually. The Knights not only renovated the castle but extended it, modernized and continuously reinforced it, creating this way a unique fortification work. Many public buildings were constructed at that time, offering interesting examples of Gothic and Renaissance architecture. In 1522, Rhodos was conquered by the Ottomans after a 6-month siege. In 1912 it passed under the rule of the Italians who left vivid marks in all aspects of the island's culture: art, language, architecture. Rhodes was joined with the rest of Greece in 1948.

MUSEUMS AND other interesting SITES in Rhodos Island

Rhodes has many interesting places to visit. To start, you should wander in the Old Town, which used to be the home of the Knights of St. John. The old medieval town with its graphic squares, the impressive buildings, and the famous Knights' Road will catch your breath! The top attraction the Palace of the Grand Masters, where a fortress was purposely built to dominate the town and its harbors (offering panoramic views ideal for pictures). Also, visit the archaeological museum (Tel +30 22410 75674) located in the northern part of the old town. Another popular attraction is the village of Lindos with old whitewashed houses and narrow streets, mainly a tourist bazaar nowadays, though its fortress retains its grandeur and it offers amazing views of the bays around this area. Near the village of Kalamonas, the valley of the butterflies is a great venue for a walk in nature. Every year, from June through September, hundreds of thousands of butterflies appear in the valley and live there. Don’t miss the 100 km stretch of gray and white sand beaches that span the entire eastern part of the island; from Rhodes Town to Prassonisi, at its southern tip.

LOCAL THINGS & STUFF to check or BUY in Rhodos Island

Rhodos is a shopping paradise. You can find a wide variety of everything on this island! Particularly, you will find classic and contemporary gold and silver jewelry, leather goods and furs, fine reproductions of ancient statues, friezes, tiles and vases, true antiques -- furniture, carpets, porcelain, and paintings and much more. Rhodos is also famed for handmade carpets and kilims (hand-woven carpets) and for lace and embroidery. While in Rhodos do try the Rhodian wines that can be bought from many shops throughout the island as well as the famous and unique local honey (inhabitants are selling it in the villages of Siana and Vathi which are specialized in honey production).