When people say that they would love to sail the Greek islands or when they hear about Greek islands sailing, they mean and understand sailing the Cyclades islands. Geografically, the Cyclades is a group of islands lying in the middle of the Aegean Sea that form an imaginary circle around the island of Delos. These unique Greek islands are distinguished worldwide for their rough, rocky and elemental landscape, their white washed houses and windmills, narrow paths full of flowers, brilliant clear blue seas and most recently their never ending nightlife in some of them.

For the sailing destination CYCLADES , EASY SAILING operates departures and returns for yacht charters from its charter bases in Lavrio Port in Athens and from Paroikia port in Paros. Alimos marina in Athens is also an option due to the variety of yachts but it takes about 3 hours more to reach the Cyclades in comparison with Lavrio base

Talking about sailing holidays in the Greek islands, we should take a good look at the winds of the area:
The prevailing wind in the summer is the one coming from North and is well known as the Meltemi "Meltemi".
It begins to blow in mid June, gets strongest in July and most in August and fades out by the begining of September. In July and August the wind blows at force 5-6 and may reach force 7-8. It may blow for 1-3 days or sometimes blow for 4-5 days in a row. During the rest of the months of the year the wind force is less (around force 3-4 Beaufort scale).
TIP: In the Northern Cyclades (islands of Andros, Tinos, Mykonos, Kea, Syros etc.) it blows from North East.
In the Middle Cyclades (islands of Paros, Naxos, Kthnos, Serifos, Donousa, Amorgos etc.) from the North.
In the Southern Cyclades (islands of Ios, Milos, Sifnos, Sikinos, Santorini, etc.) it blows from the North West.
In the South West Cycladic islands(Sifnos, Milos, Folegandros islands) it is significantly less strong.

In spring and autumn, it is possible to meet winds coming from the South and South West. In general, the Aegean is much more demanding in terms of sailing skills and experience than in other areas of Greece therefore, it is advisable the Cyclades route is chosen for a minimum two weeks sailing holiday. In case 7 days sail yacht charter in the Greek islands is the only option, then the captain / charterer should be aware in advance of the prevailing weather conditions and keep close to the return base.



People wishing to SAIL FOR 1 WEEK onLY in the Aegean sea in order to see the 2 famous islands of Myconos & Santorini may need also to check the following information.