Specials: In this page you will find special price offers, cheap prices, low cost, budget sailing yacht charters in Greece, Turkey and Croatia. Bareboat or with skipper/crew. Prices are valid for bareboat sailing, but we can add a skipper in all listings at extra cost.
Every yacht listed is available for the specific dates and bases specified. If your dates are very close to the dates of an offer, you may very well ask us to adjust our special offer (if/when possible).

ATH = Athens (Alimos)PAR = ParosSAM = SamosKOS = KosCFU = Corfu
LAV = Lavrion portSKI = SkiathosRHO = RhodesLEF = LefkasSAN = Santorini

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 YachtsYear of BuiltDeparture DateArrival DateDeparture BaseArrival BaseNumber of Days/Price
Bavaria Cruiser 4620177/10/201714/10/2017LEFKASATHENS7€2.350
Beneteau Oceanis 45201524/6/20171/7/2017RHODESATHENS7€2.200
Bavaria Cruiser 41201516/9/201723/9/2017SKIATHOSLAVRION7€1.800
Beneteau Oceanis 41201221/10/201728/10/2017LEFKASATHENS7€950
Beneteau Oceanis 46201010/6/201717/6/2017CORFULEFKAS7€1.950
Beneteau Oceanis 4520142/9/20178/9/2017SKIATHOSSKIATHOS6€2.200
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 44920168/7/201715/7/2017ATHENSLEFKAS7€2.450
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 469201322/7/201729/7/2017LAVRIOKOS7€2.500
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 50920151/7/20178/7/2017CORFULEFKAS7€3.700
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 509201515/7/201722/7/2017CORFULEFKAS7€3.700
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 50920158/7/201715/7/2017PAROSATHENS7€4.000
Beneteau Oceanis 48201723/9/201729/9/2017ATHENSSKIATHOS6€1.700
Beneteau Oceanis 43200824/6/20171/7/2017ATHENSSKIATHOS7€1.300
Jeanneau 54201610/6/201717/6/2017KOSATHENS7€2.650
Bavaria 51 Cruiser20093/9/20179/9/2017LEFKASCORFU6€1.850
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 519201626/8/20172/9/2017PAROSATHENS7€3.600
Beneteau Oceanis 45201621/10/201728/10/2017RHODESATHENS7€1.750
Beneteau Oceanis 4820177/10/201714/10/2017SKIATHOSATHENS7€1.900
Bavaria Cruiser 41201415/7/201722/7/2017PAROSATHENS7€1.600
Beneteau Oceanis 4620113/6/201710/6/2017ATHENSCORFU7€1.400
Bavaria 46 Cruiser200625/6/20171/7/2017LEFKASCORFU6€1.250
Lagoon 380 S2 catamaran201627/5/20173/6/2017LAVRIONSKIATHOS7€2.450
Beneteau Cyclades 43.4200814/10/201721/10/2017RHODESATHENS7€1.200
Beneteau Cyclades 39200710/6/201717/6/2017PAROSPAROS7€1.000
Beneteau Oceanis 48201720/5/201727/5/2017PAROSPAROS7€2.700
Beneteau Oceanis 40200810/6/201717/6/2017PAROSATHENS7€1.350
Beneteau Oceanis 45201422/7/201729/7/2017PAROSPAROS7€2.450
Beneteau Oceanis 46200924/6/20171/7/2017KOSRHODES7€2.350
Beneteau Oceanis 50201019/8/201726/8/2017RHODESLAVRION7€2.900
Beneteau Oceanis 46119982/9/20179/9/2017KOSATHENS7€1.350
Dufour 382 Grand Large201530/9/20177/10/2017SKIATHOSLAVRION7€1.350
Beneteau Oceanis 38.1201730/9/20177/10/2017CORFUATHENS7€1.000
Beneteau Oceanis 4520127/10/201714/10/2017SKIATHOSATHENS7€1.600
Beneteau Oceanis 48201530/9/20177/10/2017LEFKASCORFU7€2.800
Beneteau Oceanis 48201530/9/20177/10/2017SKIATHOSATHENS7€1.950


 YachtsYear of BuiltDeparture DateArrival DateDeparture BaseArrival BaseNumber of Days/Price


 YachtsYear of BuiltDeparture DateArrival DateDeparture BaseArrival BaseNumber of Days/Price