EASY SAILING is a trustworthy and reliable charter company in Greece

EASY SAILING is a trustworthy and reliable charter company in Greece. You may very well ask our clients about us.

Lately the internet has been swarmed by all kinds of websites, blogs, forums, message boards, individuals, disguised brokers, “unbiased” and "simply" sailors etc. that will all give you objective advice for sailing holidays in Greece and at the same time many of them claim to be in position to cross check the services provided by a large number of charter companies in Greece. Whom to believe? Why? And as you may already know all tourism services, many other industries and most consumers that purchase things & services over the internet worldwide confront the same problem.

It takes common sense to understand that each one of all these so-called “internet authorities” has a good reason to either GUIDE YOU to certain yacht charter owners-brokers-operators in Greece OR DISCOURAGE you from booking with someone you have judged as a good company to sail to the Greek islands. Probably the best way to decide which company is best for you is to get references from people who have chartered with that company before. They will be able to tell you what they liked about a company, and more importantly, what was the general impression and what they did not like. In EASY SAILING we believe that most times is better to let our clients speak for us. Many of our clients have agreed to provide information via email to people who wish to check EASY SAILING level of yachts and services. So, in full respect of EASY SAILING 's PRIVACY POLICY ( we have taken their approval before passing you on their email addresses. We hope to do the same with you after you book and complete your holidays. Feel free to request the email address of people from your country or from people who departed from the charter base or rented the same type of yacht you are planning to sail. As to the rest, here is our aspect when choosing a charter company: Be prepared to come by bigger and smaller charter companies: from huge organizations with many bases and large fleets at every base (ex. Moorings, Sunsail, etc) to one man companies operating one boat. There are advantages in chartering from a larger company and good benefits from chartering with a smaller, more personal company. The main profit of chartering from a larger company is that they usually have newer boats and they are able to respond more quickly to equipment failures you may have. Smaller companies can often offer a more personal service, assist you with different issues, be flexible with dates, bases, and much cheaper prices. Technical support during the charter time is something you should examine before fixing your booking with a certain charter company. In Greece, a company should definitely be licensed by the GNTO (Greek National Tourism organization), but apart from that, no other bond should help you evaluate reliability and trustworthiness of a charter company.

As far as equipment is concerned all charter companies offer different items as standard so it is a good idea to check what is supplied. Do prices include yacht’s final cleaning? Transfer from the airport? Taxes? Do you get an outboard motor for the dinghy? Snorkel equipment? CD player? Bimini? What Year of built? Similarly, it is a good idea to check what their policy is about marina fees, fresh water, and fuel. Other things to bear in mind when choosing your company is what their payment and cancellation policies are and please request and read the contract for small print before payment. So, while taking everything in consideration you can request availability for the particular type or length of yacht you desire stating charter dates, charter base, and any other information that will help ( our company EASY SAILING too) quote the most appropriate yacht for your charter holidays in Greece and the Greek islands.